Job Titles & Descriptions

Job Titles & Descriptions

Q: What’s in a Name?

A: Well, to a person it can mean pretty much everything.

A common characteristic of an early-stage, non-hierarchical startup is that a person often performs more than one function in their day job – so their Job Title is not always an accurate reflection of what they really do nor does it always convey their seniority within the organisation.

When your company is small and everyone knows everyone else this is great – but during periods of rapid growth as more and more new faces join clearer Job Titles are crucial to effective communication and successful interactions between colleagues.

Winter Court Consulting will help you choose the right titles to clearly reflect each function and its’ relative seniority both internally and externally whilst allowing for future organisational growth, and thus avoiding difficult conversations every few months (and for the record – Ninja & Guru are not job titles).

A clear unambiguous internal Job Description becomes increasingly critical as a company gets bigger as it provides a detailed framework for the individual to understand exactly what the company expects from them – and it can also be used effectively for ongoing performance assessment and employee personal development.

An External Job Description (as used on a Job Advert) is similar in that it details the company expectations of a role, but its’ primary purpose is to attract the best candidates – so the language used must be authentic to your identity but also more informal to make the role and future career prospects sound as appealing as possible!

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