Meet Ken Ward

My love affair with recruitment began in an IT contract recruitment agency back in the Wild West of the mid 1990’s when movies such as “Boiler Room” and “Glengarry, Glenn Ross” were considered ideal sales training! Never suited to being in a high volume of calls driven environment I recall a Monday morning sales meeting with my director who was asking how many calls we were going to make. ”40 Boss” “60 Boss” were the replies until it came to me: “7 Boss – but they’re going to be really good ones!”

This was the time I began to form my opinion of what good recruitment could and should look like. Over the next ten years, my Agency career progressed through contract, permanent and management roles with my final role being at a search and selection company. Looking back, I was terrible at selling retainers, but I found my niche when managing the headhunting team, especially when reaching out to candidates, interviewing and matching them to executive level roles throughout Europe.

At this point there was a growing trend towards companies establishing in-house recruitment teams and when I made the switch I felt that I had truly found my home. In-house recruitment had always been viewed as “the dark side” by the Agency world – a final destination once you had burnt out; when you simply couldn’t hack it any more. In reality I found it much harder work but equally far more rewarding. We were building the future success of a company through the talent that we were bringing on board.

I started my in house career when telecoms was the hot topic, and I got a real buzz building teams that created real products – when I could look at a bus going past the office advertising the product and say I contributed to that. I was able to take this passion and hone it further by working with Startups building whole companies that created great things and being in a real position to influence both the people and the culture. The greatest compliment I received from one Founder when they visited the London office, was that although the headcount had grown considerably, it still felt like same company. Recruiting successfully against core values and fit, as well as onboarding top talent seamlessly has been a source of great pride.

Three years ago, I cofounded Winter Court Consulting specifically to work with early stage start up founders – to guide them and help them grow and form their companies. This has definitely been the most exciting part of my career so far. The passion, enthusiasm and pace that we see on a daily basis is a constant source of inspiration. Having had the wonderful opportunity to work with some truly inspirational founders building teams across the world is why I face every day with a smile on my face.

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