BCSG – A Case Study

Author – Emma Martin, Resource Director BCSG LtdEmmaMartinResourceDirector





Who Are BCSG?

BCSG was formed in 2008 and its objective is helping businesses to be more successful. For Financial Institutions and telcos, that means helping them develop better relationships with their customers through technology.   And for small businesses, that means connecting them to the applications and services they need to make their business work.

Our promise is to deliver excellence on time every time, therefore ensuring we have right people, in the right place doing the right thing is paramount to our success.

The back story

BCSG had been growing steadily since 2008 but at the beginning of 2015 we secured some big contracts with new clients and found ourselves in a period of accelerated growth. We were all very excited to be working with leading global brands on such big projects but it highlighted potential resourcing risks, essentially we needed more good people and fast.

As resourcing became a number one priority 100% of my time became dedicated to ensuring we had the right people, with the right skills, allocated to the right work. I started with a “state of the nation” exercise which revealed that we had some pretty significant issues. If we wanted to ramp up our resources at the rate we needed without compromising on quality of hire or breaking the bank we needed to make some integral changes to the way we approached hiring.

What issues were we facing?

  • We lacked any strategy when it came to hiring. No one had ever really looked at how we hire or questioned if there was a better or more cost effective way.
  • We had no real processes, procedures or tools to help us manage hiring.   Hiring had been managed off the side of people’s desks through non vetted agencies.
  • We found it hard to acquire the best people because of poor candidate experience.
  • Our staff turnover was at 20% within probation period.

What was the impact of these problems on our business?

We were finding it increasingly difficult to hire good people and to keep them. The biggest impact of this was the risk of not being able to keep our promise. Without the right amount of resources, with the right skills we would not be able to deliver excellence on time to our clients and small businesses.

How to solve these problems?

The strategy seemed obvious bring recruitment in-house, put some best practice around our process, implement an applicant tracking system so we could monitor our candidates, train and support our hiring managers to improve their interview skills and get some data to measure our success and where there was still room for improvement. The challenge was I was the only person working in the resourcing team and my background was not in recruitment, I needed help.

Enter Winter Court Consulting

Winter Court Consulting were recommended to me as an interim recruitment team who could help me to implement my plans and bring much needed recruitment knowledge, experience and expertise to BCSG.

We went on to work together for 8 months and in that time successfully implemented a new recruitment strategy.   Winter Court Consulting helped with the day to day recruitment activities which lead to us hiring and on boarding over 65 new people, doubling the size of the team.   More than that they provided both operational and development support. Winter Court Consulting helped to introduce an ATS which has provided us with an on hand database of over 10,000 potential candidates. They took away the onerous process of selecting the right tools by recommending tools that would best fit our business based on their first hand experiences. They also helped with the development of hiring manages and supporting change management and raising the profile of the recruitment function within BCSG. As a direct result of the introduction of processes, tools, training and changes in attitude towards recruitment we have been able to increase our offer acceptance rate to 98% and reduce our staff turnover to 6%.

BCSG now has its own internal recruitment team which is built on the solid foundations that Winter Court Consulting helped to lay. I would highly recommend Winter Court Consulting to any company who wants experts to bring recruitment in house and needs to make quality hires at speed.



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